Social Security Advisor in Greenville

No one wants to make the wrong decision about retirement finances.

How and when you decide to claim Social Security benefits can impact many aspects of retirement planning. A Social Security advisor can help you balance retirement planning with Social Security benefits to potentially maximize income.

Understanding Social Security

Understanding Social Security is crucial for individuals to plan for their retirement financial future.

Social Security is a government-run program intended to provide financial support and security for individuals, particularly during retirement or in the event of disability or death.



Understanding Social Security

In the United States, workers and employers contribute payroll taxes for Social Security. These funds are collected and then redistributed to eligible beneficiaries, including retirees, disabled individuals, and the dependents of deceased workers. The program aims to ensure a basic level of income and alleviate poverty among vulnerable populations.

Social Security benefits are typically calculated based on a person’s work history and the amount of contributions they have made to the system.

Claiming Social Security

According to, you’re eligible to claim Social Security benefits if:

  • You’re 62 or older
  • You’ve worked and paid Social Security taxes for 10 years or more

You are able to login to your SSA account and check to see if you are eligible to receive benefits at any time.

Social Security and Unique Circumstances

Requirements to claim Social Security benefits vary based on your circumstances – including whether you’re married, widowed, or divorced. When you apply for Social Security benefits, you’ll be asked to provide the government with information about past and current marriages. The amount of benefit you receive is based upon these answers.

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It’s also worth noting that a person’s children (dependents) may be eligible for a monthly benefit as well. According to, if your child is under the age of 18, aged 18 or 19 and attending elementary or high school full time, or are any age and have a disability, they may be eligible for benefits. 


A Social Security advisor can help you navigate these requirements and answer any questions you might have about the program and its benefits. 

Social Security Benefits

There are 5 categories of Social Security Benefits:

  • Retirement
  • Disability
  • Medicare
  • Survivors
  • Supplemental Security Income

Each benefit type carries different access requirements, but all are designed to help increase financial security during difficult stages of life.

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits

Investment professionals have generally recommended five ways to maximize your Social Security benefits:

  1. Work for 35 years
  2. Max out your earnings
  3. Delay benefits if possible
  4. Claim your spouse’s benefits and delay yours
  5. Avoid taxes on Social Security income by diversifying income sources

Each of these strategies – and others – are possible with the help of a Social Security financial advisor.

Why Use a Social Security Advisor?

Using a Social Security consultant can help you potentially maximize your income, minimize tax burden, and plan your retirement income in advance.

The better you prepare for retirement, typically the less you’ll need to worry about how you plan to afford the lifestyle you want.

Maximizing Your Social Security in North & South Carolina

Thankfully, Social Security benefits do not vary from state to state.

For residents of North and South Carolina, a good way to maximize your Social Security benefits is to work directly with an advisor. The right advisor can help you understand all of your retirement income streams and help you make Social Security decisions that align with your goals.

Work with TruNorth Advisors

TruNorth Advisors can help show you how to potentially maximize your Social Security benefits. We’ll work with you and your finances to build a plan that aligns with your retirement goals.