Market Volatility Protection

What is Market Volatility Protection?

Market volatility is how often and how drastically prices move up and down. The bigger and more frequent the price swings are, the more volatile the market is said to be. Investing in volatile markets can be nerve-wracking for those looking to retire, and this is why having market volatility protection is a great help. For example with the right strategies and guidance, you can learn how to protect your 401K from a market crash, or any other retirement investment plans. By properly protecting your retirement savings through market volatility protection, you can help your investments stay on track.


How does TruNorth Advisors define ‘Market Volatility’?

We define market volatility as simply the ups and downs of price movements that happen within the market. Not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing, but something to take into account and plan accordingly for.

Is protecting against volatility the same thing as avoiding all risks?

Investing in a market of any kind will always carry a certain amount of risk, and this isn’t a bad thing. A bit of risk is a good thing; as long as it’s not too excessive. Your investments should embrace a certain, balanced amount of risk that is beneficial for your financial confidence and risk tolerance.

Our Approach

When you know how to deal with market volatility, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. Here at TruNorth Advisors, we help families invest in smart ways to plan for retirement. Even through uncertain market fluctuation, our Tax-Free Investment Strategies are designed to project and attempt to eliminate the pain of taxes and to help build a holistic financial plan.


Equity market volatility and long investing can be a difficult thing to start. Our first step at TruNorth Advisors is to get a complete look at your financial goals and risk tolerance. To grow your retirement fund, you need to be able to balance stability and risk correctly. By examining your assets, we’ll be able to create an estimate for the appropriate amount of risk for your financial confidence and start building a plan.


Diversification is a strategy that allows your assets to be spread across multiple areas, reducing risk and increasing your business’s overall share. Diversification can act as a protective shield, which can reduce the impact of failure and help you access larger market potential.

Defensive Positioning

Defensive positioning is when a company is focused on keeping a stronghold of its position and brand perception within the market. This focus helps to create customer loyalty and consumer awareness which helps protect your investments through market downturns. Through the use of hedging, options, and other tools, this type of active management allows you to pivot and change in response to the market.

Regular Monitoring

One of the best strategies to use when investing in volatile markets is to consistently oversee market trends. By keeping a close eye on the ebbs and flows in the market, you can more easily make adjustments and strategy changes as needed. Periodically checking on your retirement savings in a volatile market can be a huge help in keeping ahead.

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